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LED lighting can reality "into"?
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LED lighting can reality "into"?

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Last October 7, the Nobel Prize in physics was declared three scientists awarded the japan-american, for they invented the blue LED technology. The semiconductor lighting into public view, also is the value of the semiconductor lighting industry biggest affirmation. The word wrote: "incandescent light in the 20th century, and LED lamp will light up the 21st century." In recent years, the LED industry has developed rapidly, has now account for about 16% of domestic lighting market share. But the values from the European and American developed countries still have 30% and 50% of the distance. The six ministries and commissions such as the beginning of 2013, the national development and reform commission jointly issued "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning", a nationwide to promote the healthy and rapid development of LED industry. And as early as 2008, was released in shandong province "the opinion on accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting industry". LED lighting (semiconductor lighting), high technology content, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution, is considered to be the future of lighting. But in the years of the development of applications, the LED lamp of light has not completely "into reality. The reasons are the lack of technology, industry. And the future of LED lighting industry''s rapid development is inseparable from the two points: one is the industry technology progress; Second, the government''s policy support. In March 2010, licheng district open source road 2.9 km street lamps, all by high pressure sodium lamp replacement for super bright LED low carbon environmental protection lamps. We should become jinan first all roads LED lighting demonstration way. By experts on-site testing, the technical indicators meet the urban lighting design standard "requirements and technical indicators project, energy saving effect of more than 50%. Was referred to as "in order to establish the green lighting system of jinan in 2010 opened a good start". Undertake the reconstruction work of jinan is treasure to see electronic technology co., LTD. According to zhang Ming, deputy general manager of the company, a few years later, the road lighting conditions exist regret, "special cases due to the open source road, driving the logistics cart and heavy truck is more, a few years down the LED street lamp damage more serious, did not receive the desired effect". This also with the current status of your LED lights to promote our city roughly similar: in recent years, jinan also LED lighting promotion in varying degrees, but it doesn''t seem to be very desirable. The advantage of LED lights each year to save a three gorges power station of power, the LED is in a rapid momentum across the global lighting market. "Twelfth five-year" plan, energy conservation and emission reduction, green lighting, Internet of things, urban wisdom, ten city lamp, be regarded as priorities. These policies issued, for the realization of the LED intelligent lighting laid a strong foundation of development. Compared with the traditional lighting system is energy saving and durable LED lights biggest advantage with the brightness of the LED lamp power consumption accounts for only about 1/3 of the fluorescent lamp to 1/6. And its life span is 5 to 10 times as much. Every year for the Chinese save about a three gorges power station, by the power. Security is one of the advantages of LED lights LED lights are most of the voltage in 12 v and 24 v, will not endanger people''s life. Can effectively protect the eyesight. Its technology has been mature and wide prospect of market five years will output value over one trillion yuan in March 2013, panasonic lighting company announced it would exit household fluorescent lamp market within two years, the product all switch to LED lighting. Forward-looking industry institute last year issued a "China LED lighting industry market foresight and investment strategy planning analysis report", according to the domestic LED lighting in the next five years will be rapid growth, its output will a total of more than 1 trillion yuan. Domestic LED lighting permeability can be more than 80% in the next five years, the output will remain more than 25% compound annual growth rate. At present, our country has initially formed in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, the northern region, jiangxi and fujian area 4 big semiconductor lighting industry gathering area, each area has been formed a relatively complete industrial chain, LED the country more than 85% of the enterprise distribution in these areas. In addition, the ministry of science and technology also in xiamen, Shanghai, dalian, nanchang, shenzhen, yangzhou and shijiazhuang approved 7 industrialization base is established. LED lighting has a broad market prospect. Since 2014, our country LED industry gradually by the growth and maturity. Further expanding industry scale, market penetration, stepping up in landscape lighting, road lighting, commercial lighting, and other fields to promote the use, and accelerate to permeate household lighting. LED professional committee of the national high-tech enterprise development officials had revealed that at the end of 2009, China has become the world''s most important production base of LED lighting, the future will have a broader market space. Common confusion, however, defects and care product industry in the development of LED industry many restricting factors exist in the process. The standardized question and the product homogeneity problem is most serious. Lack of industry standards in our country has not yet formed a perfect LED industry standards. Now do a lot of manufacturers of LED street light, and the module of each manufacturer is not unified. No standardization in production, sales, circulation, use a series of problems. The product of different manufacturer both light source and electric equipment, especially the size of the electrical appliances and joint drive current, voltage classification, etc., each are not identical. This will bring many inconvenience to the leds. Homogenized competition seriously China''s LED industry enterprises are numerous, overall has made great progress, but the small scale of enterprises, lack of leading enterprises. As most of the LED manufacturer to the early stage of the product research and development and the main module production plan, the LED industry admittance threshold is reduced, the market competition is intense. Products are basic in the stage of copy imitate each other. Homogenized competition caused by price war plumes, lack of sexual benchmarking brand, enterprise scale is difficult to grow, industry lacks credibility. Limited "for all the Chinese LED industry investment and capacity expansion of accelerating, but 70% of them focused on the integrated application of downstream link, the lack of upstream of the core technology, product quality is uneven." A technology company in shenzhen the personage inside course of study introduces, now many domestic cities are in the LED lighting demonstration project and alternative project, but the LED road lighting is limited to the branch, village road, pedestrian street, application scope is limited. In the LED industry growing at the same time also with confusion. China lighting association secretary-general DouLinPing on the BBS in the industry recently said, about more than 20000 Chinese LED lighting enterprise, lighting market value of about 500 billion yuan, 3 year survival rate may be only 25%. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition LED, osram, philips, samsung and other international giants are chose to do subtraction, more concentrated, more focused on survival way. For domestic vast small and medium enterprises, it is the LED industry development opportunities, and challenges to survive. Enterprise should find their own position, find their own way of life and space. Jinan industry status quo of small scale, the promotion, the overall backward it is worth mentioning that major cities in the country LED industry is under development at the same time, and even the related industry development of shandong jinan is slightly behind. "It''s our big economic province is not consistent with, economic strong province status". Shandong jing hua electric technology co., LTD., chairman of GeJianNan introduction, national requirements LED lighting to achieve market share of around 20%, but less than 5% of jinan, the province also lags behind that of Qingdao, weifang, etc. The current domestic many cities, including inland city of nanchang, and even many Midwestern cities at the county level, almost all public lighting for LED lamp replacement. But due to various reasons, such as interests involved department of jinan difficulties in promoting LED lighting. Jinan erhuanxi road, a total of nearly 2013, 13 km thousands of street lamp by high pressure sodium lamp replacement for LED lights. This is jinan one of the few sections using LED lighting. Its stakeholders is crystal uh guano electrical technology co., LTD. GeJianNan said the street lamp can save 7 million KWH for five years. A the personage inside course of study introduces, fog haze of jinan, especially the need to promote LED lighting every once electricity saving, can reduce 0.35 kg of standard coal and one kilogram of carbon dioxide emissions about 200000 streetlights, jinan electricity each month after 15 million degrees the use of LED lighting, can save at least half the power consumption, save electricity overland ten thousand yuan of jinan really engaged in LED lighting research and development and production of enterprise scale is small, still faces non-standard market competition and the interests of the industry obstacles: the unreasonable price competition started as a jinan one of the earliest LED lighting enterprise, treasure as company also LED industry development situation of jinan as "general", "LED lighting lamps and lanterns to invest big, the cost is higher, and the user single pursue cheap, many small companies too much lower prices, product quality is not guaranteed. In the face of cutthroat competition, local normal company is difficult to focus on product development and production. Plus the government support is not enough, these reasons LED to jinan now LED industry also can not reach the scale of its due." The obstacles of industry interest groups if alternative, such as urban lighting LED will be nowhere to put a dedicated maintenance team for maintenance city high pressure sodium lamp, and loss of the financial department for each lamp arranged by the standard of hundreds of yuan a year maintenance funds, is hampered by relevant personnel and against nature. This is the common fault of the other cities across the country.

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