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How to identify high quality industrial aluminium profile?
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How to identify high quality industrial aluminium profile?   Classification:Common problems  Time:2016/6/1 17:57:14   Reading:(18)
1, the thickness of the oxide film thickness - is not enough, aluminium surface is easy to rust and corrosion. National standard of construction and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10 um (microns). Some attribute name, address, production license, certificate of industrial aluminium profile, the thickness of the thin film is 2 to 4 um, some even without film. Experts estimate that each reduced by 1 um thickness of oxide film, can reduce the power consumption per ton of material 150 multivariate.
2, chemical composition, incorporation of a large number of miscellaneous scrap aluminum, industrial aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but can lead to aluminum industrial chemicals is unqualified, seriously threaten the safety of engineering.
3, the thickness distribution of roughly the same size drawings, as well as the section size, width, center hole, but wall thickness difference is very big, also can be quite different, the weight of the each price also corresponding large gap.
In addition, the low industrial aluminum can reduce some of the closing time, reduce the chemical reagent consumption, lower cost, but the material corrosion resistance is reduced greatly.
4, manufacturers - large aluminum plant, raw materials, production technology standards, strict quality control, high processing fee is more than the small manufacturer, toll fee can differ 2000-3000 / ton. Shrink 2-3 yuan/kg.
In recent years, with the level of industrial, aluminum industry is becoming more and more popular. Sales also presents the diversification, price six to one. Unknown customer will only choose industrial aluminum sales company from the lowest price. Forcing some companies adhere to quality first from a low cost of raw material and processing, ensure the sales market turmoil has become increasingly obvious.

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