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LED to the cooling work
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LED to the cooling work

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LED lights at work, there will be about 80% of the electrical energy turns into heat energy, produce a lot of heat, 20% of the electric energy into light energy, provide people with lighting. LED heat sink is to for the LED heat dissipation, because the LED chip on the job, he the environment temperature and the light rate inversely proportional relationship, the higher the temperature, the light rate is lower, when the temperature reaching the highest use temperature of the LED chip, the LED will be broken. Temperature on the service life of the LED light failure, migration has a direct relationship between the color temperature, so the LED heat sink is used for the LED heat dissipation.

Advantages: cheap, economical and practical, can be recycled. Because of its corrosion for needle corrosion, no block corrosion, so it is not easy to rust from ontology, oxygen corrosion, a massive invasion of inner body can''''t deep level so life in 25 years to 30 years or so. Long wall thickness remaining heat, corrosion speed slow.
For high power led using radiator is particularly important. Due to the long working hours, big power, due to the heat, to take timely measures to heat dissipation, to do a good job protection, avoid unnecessary losses.
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