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"Circle" economy era
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"Circle" economy era

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The spread of the Internet, consumers have more contact than before, the so-called birds of a feather flock together a person with group of points, consumers are slowly according to the different habits, hobbies, form a circle, then the future of sanitary ware market, enterprises not only to follow the development trend of electricity online go hand in hand, more to find out the "circle" demand difference, precise positioning win the market.
The target population circle
The past is who''s shouts, who stand more. But the age of the Internet, but not Shouting several voice can came to attract customers. On the Internet, people in different hobbies, interests and career together, everybody has formed the different communication circle. Sanitary ware enterprise should find circle, will introduce their products. For example, many people who will decorate gathered on the Internet, form their own communication circle. Companies should find out this circle, contact with such people, let bath brand more or less as the need to know, crowd to promote sales.
"Circle" economy era Who are precise positioning differences
Online and offline
2015 market further interpretation of the change, from a pure online and offline to online the way of combining two channels together. For sanitary ware industry O2O mode, therefore, become the most popular way, no one. Although there are a lot of enterprises has not yet begun to take significant action, but dealers will, from the enterprise can be seen in the new product release, the combination of enterprise is more and more attention and Internet. For pure online operation, for sanitary industry, there are a lot of limitations, and online and offline way to satisfy the demand for the development of sanitary ware industry. Can close contact with the Internet, but does not accept online transportation limit, so 2015 the development of the wei yu is the combination of online.
In addition, many enterprises that defend bath in 2015 started to work with big Internet cafe, both online and off-line, brand promotion and promote sales in order to achieve both, who ignored them, who might be in a decline in the competition on the road more walk more.
Product differentiation, extreme experience
In the face of such trend, sanitary ware enterprises in the development of product differentiation, extreme should do. Once China market, who has the product who can hegemony, because at that time, there was a terrible shortage of products, product means everything. But with the improvement of technical level, production has gradually is not the problem, at this time, people in choosing a product is a brand. So the brand construction become very the attention of a piece, will himself into a household brand has become a target for many enterprises. Now only products and brands are not enough, because good product emerge in endlessly, and the battle of the brands have intensified. Now people pay more attention to the experience, good experience is a precondition for a purchase. Surely you have heard the news before the: Chinese people travel to Japan, snapping up Japanese toilet cover. Why Japanese toilet cover more popular than domestic toilet cover, because the Japanese product fully consider the people use toilet cover of experience, the products perfectly, natural greatly welcomed by the French.
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