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Aluminum surface treatment is what mean?
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Aluminum surface treatment is what mean?   Classification:Common problems  Time:2016/6/1 17:56:31   Reading:(19)
Aluminum is a light metal with silver luster, its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics:
1, the higher purity, better corrosion resistance, it is well known that the pure aluminium to the air with oxygen, on the surface of aluminum will produce a very thin layer of dense natural oxide film, and faster than other metal oxide film generated more thick, so as to prevent the corrosion of harmful gas in the air and water, played a protective role.
2, the corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is good, but the poor mechanical strength, which to a certain extent, restricted the application of aluminum, therefore, adding the right amount of people in the aluminum magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals, made into various types of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy of high mechanical strength, greatly improve the mechanical strength of aluminium, greatly expand the application range, aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, but poor corrosion resistance than pure aluminum, so it is possible because of oxidation and corrosion. Which requires protection for powder coating of aluminum profile, aluminum alloy with its proportion of small, easy to machining, mechanical strength, etc for many years, are widely used in building Windows and doors, curtain wall, etc. ,
After surface treatment, aluminum has high corrosion resistance, colour diversity, good many advantages, such as surface texture with different building exterior wall coating photograph echo, to build the colorful building.
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