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The weather is too hot? Might as well try this cooling "gloves"
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The weather is too hot? Might as well try this cooling "gloves"   Classification:Industry dynamic  Time:2016/6/1 18:02:47   Reading:(18)
Recently, Nike launched its rapid cooling of the ice cap "ecstatic, let many users, but it can''t buy. Damn baby, is there? Don''t worry, today to introduce you to the cool "gloves", maybe better than Nike that oh. Heat, as long as his hand into a fuse body will cool down immediately. RTX is the AVAcore? The company introduced a portable consumer cooling equipment, to people''s body from the hottest state rapidly cooled to normal situation. Inside the device operation is very simple, into the water and ice, close the lid of the round, then reached into the vacuum chamber, click start. Cool RTX glove to adopt advanced technology for fast heat Exchange (Rapid Thermal? Exchange), by cooling the palm, after the blood circulation, implement the whole body of cooling effect. In addition, the RTX? Internal also used the vacuum technology, can enlarge the blood vessels of the hand, accelerate the speed of the circulation of the blood. Therefore, compared with the ordinary cooling method in vitro, RTX about 5 times faster. Taking cold showers usually spend half an hour to drink ice water, and blow air conditioning to cool completely, using RTX cool gloves May 5 minutes. Research by Stanford university scholars, cool RTX glove and a special function, can increase a user''s movement endurance and cardiovascular softness. As a result, many players in the NAB, football players have been in the game, even in the all-star game using RTX. Cool RTX glove is very safe, it is not mechanically forced cooling, the cooling pads but by constant temperature control, a rapid take away heat. So, you don''t have to worry about it will make your hands can''t stand cold. It from inside to outside to cool the body, shorten the recovery time, improve efficiency. RTX cool gloves in the field of professional life and has a wide range of applications. Professional field, it can make the athletes recover quickly, increase more than 25% of endurance. It allows firefighters rapidly cooling under armed to the teeth, and then again for emergency rescue in fire. After weight loss in people, sports tend to be full head big sweat, can use RTX for its rapidly cool down, then up the reward; Some outdoor workers (such as workers, farmers, etc.) on the construction site, can keep physical fitness, improve efficiency, reduce the risk of accidents. At present, the RTX just ended its all on indiegogo raise activity, with 325% well packaged, priced at $249.

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