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In 2012, our company will take part in LED lighting accessories exhibition in Beijing
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In 2012, our company will take part in LED lighting accessories exhibition in Beijing   Classification:Company News  Time:2016/6/1 17:51:06   Reading:(30)
LED by the national high-tech enterprise development professional committee, the Beijing municipal commission of economy and information technology, Beijing Beijing trade union exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized the "2011 LED the 7th Beijing international exhibition" on May 6, 2011 in Beijing? The grand opening of the China international exhibition center. The exhibition with "creative green future" as the theme, set up the LED chip/packaging/equipment, LED advertising logo/show/back light, LED lighting and so on three big professional exhibition, brings together the shenzhen branch maxime, shenzhen huahai, shenzhen''s color, Beijing, China, quanzhou color light, the color bright, shenzhen, shenzhen yuan xing, shenzhen color easy to TRW, Beijing, fujian, chongqing manata, dongguan fuhua, ted shandong treasure the ShenAn lai group, Beijing, shenzhen, Beijing, ningbo in the east China sea, a company in zhuhai China and the United States, shenzhen branch, shenzhen coronary Mr Lund, the emperor Europe and Taiwan, both in hangzhou for light, ISG THK China, Germany, Japan chi, shenzhen east yu family of light, hunan yu jing, shenzhen, shenzhen cui tao, such as a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprise with industry leading technology exhibition, focusing on the present stage of LED industry in all areas of the most advanced products, technology, materials, equipment, etc, to realize the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain in the LED industry one-stop purchasing trading platform.

The publicity and influence the success of foreign attracted media attention, a spate of news reports about the show on television, newspapers and the Internet, especially the central television is not only to live close to interview also reported the exhibition in CCTV4 news in China. Can get CCTV (China''s highest level of TV media organizations) and reported, highlighting the Beijing international exhibition of leds (CILED) in north China region advantage of exhibition industry leading position.

The exhibition outlook:
A new starting point, new journey! CILED 2012 with "creative green future" as the theme, site on display will be shifted to new both, display size will continue to expand, on the basis of the original in the globalization vision for the future development of the whole LED industry, dedicated to the LED industry one-stop shopping trading platform. Conference will be held in the "2012 Beijing international advertising four new exhibition", "2012 Beijing international low carbon lighting exhibition", "2012 Beijing international OLED exhibition" theme exhibitions, such as to make the LED product application event. In order to highlight the diversity in the form of the exhibition, the exhibition will also be arranged during the "2012 China''s LED industry development peak BBS" and more than a high standard of "purchasing docking symposium" and other activities, in order to speed up to promote the innovation and development of China''s LED industry provides a good platform. CILED 2012 because of your participation will be more bright, brilliant!

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