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  • Aluminum surface treatment is what mean?

    Aluminum is a light metal with silver luster, its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics: 1, the higher purity, better corrosion resistance, it is well known that the pure aluminium to the air with oxygen, on the surface of aluminum will produce a ve…

  • How to identify high quality industrial aluminium profile?

    1, the thickness of the oxide film thickness - is not enough, aluminium surface is easy to rust and corrosion. National standard of construction and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10 um (microns). Some attribute name, address, production…

  • What is extruded aluminum?

    Aluminum is aluminum rods by hot melt, extruding, resulting in different cross section shape of aluminum material. Aluminum production process including casting, extrusion and coloring process. Among them, aluminum. Color include: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluo…

  • Aluminum processing common misunderstanding is what?

    1) fast forward and into G00 and G01 in aluminum processing applications can define the linear motion of the cutting tools, but they are different, the effect of easy to confuse the novice. Work into the class instruction (G01, G02, G03) feed speed is determined by the…

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